Calling all Mbassadors!

Calling all Mbassadors!

As we try to get the word out about M4, we are looking for a few hearty souls to help us look cool.  We thought about professional athletes, but that didn’t get much traction for two reasons.  First, we can’t afford it.  Second, and much more importantly, M4 is not about the person getting paid to play the game.  It is about the person who is playing the game because they love it.

That’s not a knock on pros, clearly they love the sports they play or they wouldn’t excel at them.  But, we want this brand to be about you and your sports.  We want to celebrate breaking 80, beating your parent for the first time, making a hat trick in house league, the sub-3:30 marathon. 

Lots of companies have ambassador programs.  They are a great way to let influencers influence, while also pushing their product.  Ours will be much different.  And better. 

Actually, it won’t.  If anything, it will be a little more demanding for our Mbassadors (catchy name, huh?).  Here is our ask:  In addition to wearing our apparel in action and on the street, we would like to feature our Mbassadors on our website – to the degree they are comfortable with.  We would love to have action shots of you for our website.  If you’re really courageous, we would love to have a brief bio about you in our blog and maybe a photograph of you as a young athlete. 

Of course, you are free to share any of the photography on social media.  Heck – if you’re doing that, we’re probably going to give you more stuff. 

If you are interested in participating in this program, please send an email with a short description of yourself to

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