Felipe Osses-König


Felipe is from Rego Park, New York.  Felipe played competitive youth tennis at the USTA northeast regional and national levels.  He attended Elon University and played D-1 tennis there from 2015 to 2019 where he was the team MVP award winner. 

During his senior year, Felipe began sharing his passion for fitness with fellow students and started his own training business.  He now runs his own coaching, fitness, and training company, Fuego Fitness (https://fuegofitnessbros.com/). 


Chris Humphreys and Felipe have played doubles together since college, first on the tennis court and now as one of the top paddle teams on the APTA tour. They finished the 2022-2023 season ranked third after strong showings all the way to the finals at Short Hills, Philly, Chicago, and Detroit. If you want to see what big lefty spin (Chris) and boundless energy (Felipe) look like, come check them out. We are proud to have Felipe and Chris as Mbassadors and hope that you join us rooting for them this season!


Atlantic Classic NRT Winners - 11/14/22