About Us

We are building M4 because we love sports.  All sports.  We’re proud to be athletes, whether we are in D1 or D6.  We want to motivate our customers to get out and get active – often.  We want them to get excited packing or putting on the M4 [you name the sport] shirt hours before they step on the field.  There are a lot of great sports in the world, we want to fire you up for whatever you are Made Four today.

 In addition to being motivated, we want our customers to be comfortable in great activewear to support their individual sports.  We’ve been designing, developing, and producing activewear for great retail brands for over 30 years.  We know the difference between a cheap/poor-fitting product and an excellent one made with premium materials.  The latter costs a little more, but those are the pieces that you wear for years, not just a few times.  We are excited to take our expertise into our own arena and hope it meets your expectations.


 (To keep this in perspective, the golf club here is the wrong hand and women’s.)