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Welcome to M4's live demo micro site. Our micro shops are tailor built to the needs of our clients and can feature text, photos and videos.

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Custom shops can be timed exclusive or permanent fixtures.









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Who We Are.

M4 is a small team of industry veterans with over 30 years' experience developing premium clothing and activewear for retail brands. M4 products are focused on style and fit, and are pieces you'll want to wear again and again. Your organization's members deserve a cut above the competition, let us help.

Why Choose M4?

Elevated Line of Products

M4's clothing and hard good offerings are crafted from high quality and sustainable fabrics engineered for both comfort and athletic performance. All garments are fully designed by our in-house team.

Commission Structure

M4 offers a highly competitive standard commission rate of 15% to the client. For specialty and unique clients, we offer different rates upon inquiry. We handle everything and send you a check at the end. Sounds like a deal to me.

Decoration and Fulfillment

We decorate all of our products at our Grove Street studio and offer heat transfer, embroidery, and screen printing services. We always keep product on hand and are able to quickly prepare and fulfill orders.

Our Incredible Clients

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